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LiquidVPN’s Hotspot VPN Shield

When you’re using your laptop computer, mobile phone or tablet to surf the web, you are actually exposing the gadget to certain risks. This is especially true if you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot or a public network. These risks include hackers possibly stealing your password, your financial information, your user names and other personal, sensitive information. When you’re using Wi-Fi, for example, the passwords get sent over the network in text form so it is very easy for the tech-savvy to intercept your information and use it to their advantage. The one form of protection that you can use is a VPN or Virtual Private Network, also known as a hotspot VPN shield. Continue reading

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Top Solutions to Access Blocked Websites

If you’re like me and you cannot seem to survive more than a couple hours without an Internet connection, then the dreaded “Restricted access” message when you visit a site is a big time bummer. When exactly does this message appear? That’s what we will try to find out about here, while also giving you solutions on how to access such blocked websites. Continue reading

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